Spidi 1 Piece - good deal?

hello chaps.

Haven’t even turned a wheel in anger on my bike yet so need some advice. Currently I have some really nice Spidi “H20 Out” textile trousers/jacket which have proven awesome whilst doing my DAS.

I want to do some track days but when on road envisage wearing my textiles more so was initially thinking of an RST one piece for about £400 ish.

Went into a suzuki dealership today who had the suit below for £699 but said the new range is about to come out in time for summer and could get down to £550. If this is an absolute steal I will go grab some but if they are always doing deals and they can be had for this from time to time I will prob leave it for now.



did you try it on? not all suits are cut the same way, so you may find one brand fits you great, and another is baggy in all the wrong places.

spidi gear is good quality so that’s probably fair money (and is a much more expensive brand that RST). At the 500-600 mark you start getting a lot more choice.

didnt want to try it on till I knew if it was a good deal or not… I know what I’m like :hehe:

I will do if that is crazy cheap, I guess I’m asking is the option to get that spidi suit for £550 silly to let go??

when ive been looking I have only seen random brand stuff I have never heard of reduced or on offer never spidi or dainese etc

its not crazy cheap no

Check out Hein Gericke’s recent range of RST suits and they’re new range of lower cost Dainese gear.

Not sure if this is all branches, but the Gants Hill branch (I no longer work there though) has a decent range.

George Whites have a good selection of 1 pieces starting from £150. They have some good deals and always worth popping in and trying some on.