Spent the whole weekend on the bike

absolutely soaked through, with the biggest grin you can imagine.

I remember sitting in a biker friend’s lounge 6 or 7 years ago uttering the words “i’ll do the bike test one day, I just need the money”, to which he replied, “call me when you do”.

So I did, and we met at a rain sodden Oakdene cafe on Saturday, Coffee and fry-up central. We had a look at each other’s bikes, mine 20 year old skinny tyred cafe racer, his BMW 1100 “company car” (He works at the dealership in caterham), and swapped for a bit of a spin on each, before returning and heading out.

200 miles of quick, wet, empty kent roads and 3 hours later, each sporting swivel-eyed-loon-grins from ear to ear, we made it back to the cafe (for more coffee) and a debrief. He critiqued my riding (too cautious at times) and was generally a real help, and most fun ever.

Hope you guys had cracking weekends as well.

Good for you mate, I didn’t go out all weekend, too much rain and wind, yikes, so horrible.

I think I needed the education, the A40 yesterday in Hail was fun(ish)