Spelling on Facebook

Hilarious facebook spelling mistakes and obnoxious responses

And just to get the mood going here’s something similar I found elsewhere


Just because of you i am not getting any work done :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

i just spat juice over my laptop when i came to this one!!



What about the spelling on here! :crazy::doze:

That was the best one! I feel sorry for the poor girl as when you are angry its so fustrating! AND AND AND some of us are dyslexic on here… its not just bad spelling :slight_smile:

This was my personal fave

In the police, I had one end of the bridge cordoned off as a guy was on the top part of it, outside railing saying he was going to jump when some dude in the crowd shouted " Jump you f.arking pussy, my missus is due a kid anytime soon you selfish cu.nt".

Dunno if he heard as he was a good 300 metres away but I shouldn’t of laughed.:slight_smile:

Could have been worse you could have done this instead


buttonmonkey (27/05/2011)

Could have been worse you could have done this instead


Saw that, good drills.

More facebook idiocy compiled by a website:

People that think The Onion is real.


I love that Bob Marley tune, Purple Rain?
Quality track by the Bob Marley Experience.