Is there anywhere in or near London that still does Speedway? I’ve had a look on Google, but all the sites displaying fixtures seem to now be defunct.

I used to go to Wimbledon with my dad when I was a nipper, and although I know there are no meetings there any more, I’d love to find somewhere reasonably local that still does it.

Apologies if this isn’t the right forum for this - I’ve never ventured into this part of the board. It smells of Castrol R.

Mmmmmmmmm… Castrol R…


I’m sure the hammers race somewhere like Thurrock…I’m sure there was an lb night organised a while ago…not really my thing though so don’t know much more


I’ll look into that - it’s not too far, either! :slight_smile:

If you wanna have a go, you could try Sittingbourne Speedway, think we paid about £100 for the day, loads of laps and we killed a couple of their bikes and they didn’t seem to care.

Some info on here: http://www.arenaessex.com/ :smiley:

The Lakeside Hammers are London’s only premier league speedway club. They’ve invited LB down and given us reduced admission for a couple of the races too - We also carry their news.

Sittingbourne is a more junior club but as has been said they do trackdays!!! :slight_smile:

Showing my age now, but i used to get taken to watch the speedway at White City :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me about it…


Excellent - thanks, everyone!

I think I might surprise my dad with a trip to see the Hammers next season!

That trackday sounds like fun, too - might give that a whirl… it sounds like the exact opposite of a CBT. :smiley:

[Panto shout on] OH NO THEY’RE NOT!!! [Panto shout off]

Don’t forget Rye House Rockets in Hoddesdon.:wink:


Another option might be to have a blat up the A11 to visit Mildenhall Speedway…


Never seen speedway there myself but went to a great gig there one time - Mildenhall Rock and Blues Festival 1988 :cool: