Speedo wiring puzzle

Ok, heres the diagram for the speedo…
But im getting wound up now…

Can you work out what wire is what?
Thanks in advance.

Why do you want to know?

Green/Blue - Immobiliser / Is coded to coded key light, Green - Earth, Black/ yellow - Lights, red/white is igntion, green/white - fuel level, White - oil level,

other aint to sure

got this chasing while in haynes

What sort of question is that?

Thanks, already worked out the obvious ones…

Water temp and engine light are my main hurdles…

It’s a question which you could of answered as it had a purpose.

You don’t just randomly want to work out which wire is which unless your a retard.

So my question stands why do you want to know which wire is which.

Its a stupid question…
I want to know what wire is what… ‘Why’ is irrelevant to what Im doing…
If you must no Im fitting a new speedo.

So whats the purpose?

Ok, so I think I have worked it out… Havent wired it up yet so Im not sure…
Will have a try in a bit.

Well done for giving some more information.

Run 12v to see which is which

the reason i was replacing the speedo is because the old one died… no life… circuit board fried.