Speedo Playing up Hornet

Hi I have a Hornet 98, with simple speedo with toal and partial miles counter, and a separated rev gauge with the oil temp.

I had a busy week going back and forwards to Cambridge from London and I had no problems. After couple of days rest, the speedo is not working and the partial counter is playing up. I have check the cable last nighr and it appears normal to me, twisting one end I could see the other end turning (obviously when disconectedin both sides) Could any one give me some tips? I really need to sort it out as the speed stop the tickets and the partial counter tell me how much fuel/miles I have reamaining…

Many thanks

Hello mate - this happened to my 98 hornet (after I had clocked up over 30k miles on it) - if it’s the unfaired (naked) Hornet then the problem is probably that the plastic socket that resides inside the front sprocket cover and fits over the front sprocket bolt (and calibrates speed based on the speed the front sprocket is spinning at) is worn (the hexagonal edges have rounded off) and is no longer being spun by the sprocket bolt - resulting in no speedometer/mileometer function. It sounds like the cable is functioning poperly so this should be the source of the non-functioning speedometer. Replace it with a new one and your speedo should be working again.

Thanks for that, to be honest yesterday night I had a quick look, and it was dark and in a rush. I presume I need the full cable or just it could be the last part be replaced?


It should be just the plastic socket itself - I only had to replace the plastic socket - I didn’t have to replace the speedometer gearbox that it fits onto (the speedo gearbox is the bit that the socket is connected to - it’s the metal bit that you can see screwed onto the outside of the sprocket cover and has the speedo cable running into it).

sorry to be pain in the … where can I get it front as I am new in this and I am not in my country…


No problem mate - if you have a Honda dealer near you then they should be able to order the part in - if not then contact David Silver spares - http://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/

If you are ordering from David Silver and you have a digital camera then take the sprocket cover off and take a picture of the part and email it to them to avoid confusion and allow them to quickly establish what you need.

thank you mate much appreciated!!!:slight_smile:

No problem! If I can find the part number I’ll pm you. :wink:

Check your pm’s - part number is there. :wink: