Speedo not Working

My Speedo stop working on Saturday, the Mileage doesn’t go up but every other part of the display is still working.

I’m thinking it could be the speed sensor, what is everyone else’s diognaosis???

Don’t want to go spend £50 odd on a sensor if it is possibly something else

Doesn’t the speed sensor detect speed and distance?

Yes, thats what is what is pushing me towards it being that as the Mileage isn’t going up either (Not a Bad thing lol)

its probably the sensor a know weakness

the law says you don’t need a speedo for road or MOT

I didn’t have a speedo for a year when the triumph speedo packed up (they £150 for the sensor )

when I was bothered I used an app on my iphone for speed was ok except tunnels

I’d like it working as i use the A13 and the A12 most days and the fine from one of those cameras is more than the cost of the sensor, Plus i would feel bad when it came to selling the bike if the Millage was False.

I’d be doing a continuity test between sensor and speedo before anything else :wink:

Cool, cheers

enjoy the free miles :smiley:

had that broken in spain, scary thing when you’re still riding and the mph suddenly drops to 0!

had 5000 unclocked miles on that bike.

Thats exactly how it happened, i had to pull over as i was worried something else may have been wrong!

Just keep riding and fix it before the sale. Consider it an investment :smiley:

I couldn’t live with myself, if I lied about that what’s stopping me lying about it being dropped last year? Then I’d just become everything I hate about people selling bikes.

True. I’m just kidding of course. Couldn’t live with a non-working speedo, let alone lie about it.

I’m sure our man Scorch will be happy to help you with the issue.

when mine broke on my other R6 i got explained from the amazing NumNum how it works. by the look of things, when its broken it cannot be fixed.

so i went and bought another cable. but crashed the bike before i could fit it. this is in no shape or form a bad omen for you Sam. :smiley: :smiley:

Ours stopped on the way back from a ride once. There were 3 bikes heading home. One rider didn’t know the way so Ginger led. Every time we got near a camera he waved one of his legs around so we knew he was about to slow down. We would not recommend this method of speed awareness.

Buy a Zumo 590LM, that will tell you your speed. Only £500 and it tells you where to go too which is a bonus.

lol, think i will get a 2nd hand camshaft sensor as they are £15 off ebay and if that doesn’t clear it, it’s only £15 wasted

Your talking like the garage foreman, before you know it you’ll be changing the paintwork to see if that sorts it

Why not do it right and show it the multimeter first?remove suspect sensorcheck and note the wire colours against a wiring diagramconnect the +12v and -12v direct to the battery via a pair of jump wiresspin up the sensor and check the third wire for a pulse
But hey ho …

Are the camshaft sensor and speed sensor interchangeable?

Looking at the wiring diagram here the wire colours appear to be black with red trace +12vblack with white trace -12vblack (from sensor) and pink (from harness) pulse

Nice one, Cheers Art.

Disclaimer - blah blah blah :wink: