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Does this mean we can get done for our road watch posting ?

How petty, and how stupid, course people will warn others of a trap, they always have done and always will do!!! Its human nature

I’d wondered that - our road watch forum - am still wondering…(which is helpful)!

Yeah … I agree … very petty!

Friday night (actually early hours of Saturday) in City Road, the little sh!t-heads had a plain car parked in the middle of the pavement (nice parking chaps) in City Rd with a laser speed device on the dashboard and a copper with a laptop crouching within. Now, as traffic was going up City Road and round the corner (one-way here) into Wakely Street, the little fvckers were pulling everyone over and doing them!

What kind of behaviour is that!!! … it was the early hours of the morning, and I saw no-one noticeably speeding, but plenty being pulled over … on a virtually empty road it’s easy to drift over the speed limit … they were just cashing-in whilst breaking the law themselves!!

I wouldn’t have spotted this if I hadn’t been walking up there.

Sorry Darryl & Scratchin’, but this kind of behaviour makes me mad!!!

I wish they were as quick to act over things like diesel spills etc but then I guess that that does not generate revenue!!!

I wish they were more pro active over thefts!!!

Errrr, has anyone seen the adverts about speeding - you know, if you are doing 40 the chances of killing someone are much greater than if you are doing 30 etc etc…

… but I don’t honestly think the police have the resources or desire to surf sites like this to see if anyone is placing “safety” messages to remind others to slow down. After all don’t the camera £ partnerships advertise where they are going to be… for safety

I think the lorry driver was unlucky and obvioulsy annoyed someone… I would imagine most cops expect drivers to flash/warn others…

Seems to me that the coppers who execute the traps just want people to slow down. So job done.

It’s the knackers who make policy who are surely the ones to blame here. As ever.

I think you get it really hard in London…

Unmarked cars on pavements etc is way below the belt…

IF and WHEN i do laser i normally do it in places you would want to see it…outside schools, bad accident spots etc…

and you can see me a mile away…so if you can’t see me you deserve everything you get for doing silly-arse speeds in dangerous locations…

The theft problem is a different animal, different forces have different strategies…although white van man and his mates are crucifying the City it would seem…

No offence taken from any of you btw…i can really understand your fustrations.

I think its right for motorist to warn others of speed traps, if these cameras are set up in supposed dangerous areas shouldn’t it be in your nature to warn others of danger?

Its like ice skating on a lake, if theres someone heading to where you know theres thin ice, you would warn them. You wouldn’t sit back and then watch them go in the water and freeze to death.

Its the same with accident black spots, if you know that someone is heading towards it dangerously i.e. at high speed then it should be your right to warn them!

I think if a case like this went to the court it would just be chucked out or the jury would say innocent. How can you be prosecuted someone for warning people of danger?!?!?!

Would be nice to see them catch people who are doing other things apart from concentrating on the road!

Scratchin, have you never driven an unmarked car then to catch people ?


I was driving unmarked cars for two years on our ‘proactive’ team (the team ‘RoadWars’ is based on)

although we concentrated on autocrime we still had people do some stuuuupid stuff in front of us…

When i take the unmarked out now it’s usually to ‘sit up’ on a disqualified driver…i rarely do speed enforcement unless requested by the public…theres enough scamera vans out there as it is!!!

anyway…i don’t DO bikers.

dont think that was actually a speed trap on city road, went through it car in front was doing about 15mph and got pulled round the corner, guess it was some sort of ANPR thing checking for uninsured etc

as i went past it looked like two coppers were having a “conversation” with what seemed to be an illegal minicab operator, and puting him in a car, with his passengers stood on pavement looking bemused

how the hell did i do that? ^



swift editing from the boss

FCUK the lot of them looks like they don’t have any real issues like …for example terrorism or s*it like DRUG related crime or bike theft, no lets find a way how we can make more money…to have more new laws to make more money…….better stop now ….(Admin)….

It’s not actually like that…

The scamera vans you see are run by civillians but the vans are marked ‘POLICE’

Speed enforcement makes money for the Central Ticket Office which goes to , yep you guessed it, the local authority.

It is rare for our lot (can’t vouch for the Met) to do speed enforcement UNLESS it is following a serious accident/fatality in a black-spot or someone, say a local school, have complained about speeders…

can’t say more than that really

In fact i would be more than happy for one of you to come out with us for the day to see what an average day is like…

It would dispel/confirm a lot of myths.

V2, I have heard they need more specials, why don’t you join up and go after the drug dealers and bike thieves…