Speeding with no arms???

Think you’ve seen it all in London? Think again…

A man with no arms was caught speeding at 121km/h yesterday - using one foot to steer and the other to operate the pedals.

You’d almost think that the guy was an aussie with a story like that not a kiwi.

what can I say… At least it was not on a bike!

Yeah right!

The man told shocked police he was born with no arms and said he’d never held a driver’s licence.

that made me laugh.

I don’t know why they’re being so harsh with him … he seems fairly 'armless to me!

Alright, I’ll get my coat!!

Well atleast when he was caught he held his hands up and came clean!!! you think they nicked him??? and put the cuffs on his ankles??

ROTFL…What planet you from Flat…Quality !!!

im full of it mate,

“For obvious reasons it was good the police stopped this man when they did before he killed himself or someone else, but there are avenues for this man to go to, to seek funding to get his car converted and modified, and quickly get lessons so he can obtain his licence to drive”

modified to enable him to drive what they gonna do cut a fuckin hole in the floor


Better than being legless hey

I’ll get my coat.

and shut the door on your way out how can you follow two top jokes with that