speeding result...

did my forlock tugging at the court on weds for my 59mph in a 30 back in aug

6points, £400 plust court costs (£35)

they’d lost the details of the producer that i’d done at the police station straight away, couldn’t find my docs initially when i turned up at court and appeared to lose the receipt i’d obtained from the duty officer (as i saw this coming). waived the other charges for lack of cover and failure to produce - very considerate of them

you should have seen the punters in the waiting room with me - one thought he was 50cent. I may be a layperson, but i’m thinking the magistrates might not regard him as one of his homies…

Still an ouch that, 6 points and £400! Nasty.

Your case sounds similar to one I had a good few years back. 2 year old bike and they tried doing me for no MOT? Dipsticks. No Insurance, even though I had done the producer like you. Basically the magistrate just laughed at them but I still got 3 points and a £60 fine.

I’ll second that “ouch”. Bench must have had a bad morning.

You should do a burglary next time … you could walk away with a caution at the police station!

yep, certainly hurts. aside from the wallet punishment, I have 3 points from a 90mph tug in the car a few years back that is still live til june - will have be pretty careful for a while i guess (lets face it, getting 3 points for a minor thing is pretty easy).

the really rude thing is that insurance companies ask for points in the last 5 years? I see why if they are expunged from your licence you should have to declare them to anyone.

think i’d be surprised if it’d got a 3 pointer for that to be honest - just shy of the magic 30mph hurdle. the magistrate mentioned that the speed was suitable for consideration of a ban so guess i was lucky to not be off the road

Good result fella! Better than a ban any day! So, 30mph everywhere from now on, huh? Will you tell your insurance company?

i like the 50 cent bit!-they’re everywhere!

take it easy.

the clerk actually had to ‘suggest’ he remove his bandanna/cap combo before entering the court room… (went in three at a time with me first up, almost wished i could stick around to watch for comedy value)

yep jay, definately better to still be rolling (and not have to face the DLR/tube/bus horror). best make it 29mph just in case

actually, at that speed, i might as well push it…

Unfortunately I had a four month spell off the road last summer and I was dreading telling the insurance company for fear of them bankrupting me. I came completely clean and explained everything and my premium hardly changed so hopefully you’ll get the same treatment.

was that on the car or the bike?

i’m going to wait til i get my licence back til i do anything about it - i think it’ll be an sp30

It was on the bike for speeding!Not clever

Couldn’t you blame the bike for speeding and it had nothing to do with you lol

Shame about the 6 points and loose of £400

Unlucky johnny…

at least your losing 3 of them soon…

and at least your mobile!

Yay I call that a result.

Any court case you can drive away from … hehe

Just chop the Duke in for a 50cent (sic) scoot and you’ll be safe for the summer!!

So they didn’t accept your excuse that you were ‘honing your skills’ or ‘familiarising yourself’ with your bike?

what court was it? i was caught doing 67 in a 30 in SW1, Horseferry Rd Court gave me 4 points and £100 fine,pleaded guilty by post too,most generous i thought as i was expecting a ban,must have been the award winning letter of mitigating circumstances.

I don’t remember writing you a letter…