Speeding Question ??

Three months ago today I got snapped by a mobile speed camera on the A46 in Coventry . I duely filled in the driver details as my car is not in my name ( leasing company owned ) and sent it all back fully expecting an NIP in the post shortly afterwards:angry:

To date I have not recieved any further correspondance from any party with regards to further prosecution !!

Am I right in saying that they have 3 months to prosecute otherwise the penalty gets shelved / dismissed :ermm: Or is this an urban myth ??

I appreciate there will be a few replys from people wishing to put forward their views surrounding this but " Hard , cold facts are what I need really !!

Cheers guys in advance :wink:

I am pretty sure that you will find that its 6 months to prosecute, it always was.

I think it is 6 months if you were given a verbal nip at the time, or 14 days to get one to the reg keeper by post.

6 months is the correct timescale.

you still need to keep your fingers crossed…your halfway there.

Cheers guys , keeping EVERYTHING crossed :wink:

Just one thing, that’s 6 months for the courts to issue the summons, not get it to you, so if you don’t hear anything in the meantime, don’t rush downstairs to check the mail on the 6 month anniversary of the pull & then do a little dance of joy if there isn’t a brown envelope sitting on the door mat.

Been there, done that, didn’t get the T-shirt… :frowning: