Speeding on the motorway crackdown


Are they making this stuff up???

Blimey! What reckless vandal would be riding a bike above 70mph? Swear I had 63mph out of my R6 once and that was enough!

I suppose shutting down the coal and oil burning power stations, making more use of alternative fuels and such like is a bit ridiculous in comparison to this stroke of genius - hey Jay - any chance of a 1 finger emoticon for our use please!

I’m sorry, I know I should have read more before coming to any conclusion, but I managed to read the first paragraph then closed the page. What complete CRUD. More MCN-like scare-mongering. Stupid ideas get presented all the time to Parliment, it doesn’t mean they get anywhere. It’s just news-making.

Sounds liek chicken flu.

I ride fast to keep my hands warm, enough said

What a load of pants!!! I suppose they have to blame it on something… Jokers…

If they do crack down on it, its goin to take me ages to get to work!!! pooop…

“but they say it would save significant amounts of carbon dioxide pollution. Engine efficiency falls quickly beyond 70 mph.”

errrrr I did not go to oxford, or cambridge… but

Engine efficiency is much worse for the environment when in traffic.

I’d stop the flocks of big engined “fake” off roaders that clog up the roads on the school run.

Make the little feckers walk or cycle.

When I were a lad…


for the average CAR, engine efficiency does fall beyond 70mph. most (by a HUGE margin) motorway users are cars. This is not aimed at bikers.

who likes riding on the motorway anyway?