Speeding is OK if you are a policeman

we all should work for the police then we won’t have to worry about speeding


That was a complete joke that case, it just shows the nice double standards really.

Like the other night, I was coming home from my ex’s and was on the North Circ (going towards Hangerlane). I came off on the exit before the ace to go under the bridges, so I followed this traffic cop car round the corner and came up to a bus/bike only road. I stopped thinking where the hell to go now to see the traffic cop stopped blocking this bus lane and the driver pointing at the sign.

  1. I wasn’t going to use it anyway.
  2. If there in a car without the blues and twos on why the hell are they using it!

Join the police you can get away with so much

I am pretty sure that coppers know the right excuses that gets you out of a ticket…

so really its on us to learn them…

so what are they?

ok, we got 2 ways of looking at this. And this might be a bit epic…

The first thing is to know your rights. You can only be convicted of a crime if there is evidence to support it. If a copper see’s you speeding and pulls you, he will have to get you to admit your crime, before he can ticket you. This is done in a very simple way.

“Do you know what speed you were doing?”
-you admit to your speed, you get a ticket. If you tell them you were doing the limit, they will argue their point, usually making you panic and changing your answers. Most people find it difficult to lie (well lie good anyway).

“Can you tell me why you were speeding?”
-trick question, and any excuse you give is an admission of speeding. You need to maintain and deny you were speeding in the first place.

There are plenty of other ways, but basically unless there is evidence you can’t fight against.

Ok the next point, there is evidence… now this is only likely if they have set up a speed trap and are looking to bust speeders.

Radar guns - I read that a reading of 58mph was registered on a radar gun by pointing it at a brick wall. And some cases have been tried and dropped against people caught by this method.

Timed distance run - These are usually mounted within Police cars, they look like a TV and get a picture of your car with lot’s of exciting figures around it. Now apparently as these are installed into the car, they are difficult to service and check, and the case will be dropped if the unit was not checked within the last 24hours. You can ask the Police Officier to give you in writing details of when it was last verified. They usually stop writing the ticket at this point as they know its a waste of time for them. Some may play the game as they don’t think you will bother fighting the ticket.

Speed Camera - You need to make sure the NIP (notice of intending to Prosecute) is post dated withing 14 days off the offence, if not, its void, they cannot continue.

  • If you do receive one, one way of getting away with it is to fill in the form, with the details of your nigerian friend who has returned to nigeria (give nigerian address) who was driving the car/bike at the time. Don’t sign the form (as that would result in owning up to Fraud) They post it off. They police time and man-power to follow it up is not worth the Police time.

If anyone has any other ideas let me know… but remember most convictions are based upon an admission of guilt.

that was very good advise GoF thank you i’ll try and remember them cheers Mate

no problem, I have a Black Roof Helmet, with Black visor, on a Blue Honda CBF600 with, ahem, speed scratchs on the left fairing…

I’ll have a Guiness

I’ve followed a police car (without blues & twos on) at 80mph on the elevated section of the A40, going out of town … scoundrel!!

Good job they weren’t following YOU at 80mph, SP Isn’t there something in their directorate which says they can exceed the speed limit by a certain amount, so that when they’re patroling, they can always be coming up on new traffic, and looking for offences being committed? I know they sometimes drive slow to get the same affect.

No problem Gof see you at the ace maybe on friday

Don’t forget about over-read on your speedometer.

The only people who can legally speed are the people who transport human organs for transplants, and blood.