Speeding fines...

so what’s all this fuss on the front page of MCN… have some speeders won their case or something? Does it mean I can get mine overturned… I don’t understand…

Apparently the mobile speed camera’s were never tested on bikes - so technically they shouldn’t be able to convict you for speeding on your motorbike!(i think its only two types) but yep quite a few people are having their points returned aswell as their £60 fines refunded! Each case has to go through the courts seperately - so i’ll be finding out about mine soon - i think i’ll try one of those NO WIN-NO FEE places - CHEAPER INSURANCE HERE I COME!!!

I think also they proved they are not affective by testing them - one stationery bike was clocked at about 68mph!!!

no way!

Mmmmmm I might have to look at mine then…




no win no fee!! aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

man i have to deal with them everyday, they may be great for the clients but when your processing them they are a pain in the arse

there is talk of consolidating a lot of the claims which may mean they get dealt with a bit quicker!!!

Your bike always looks stationary though Matt.

best i dont try and get mine quoshed …they may find i was going faster than 35mph !

cos i was on the HARLEY at the time

oooo bi***!