Speeding Fine!

Went to a Run on Isle of Wight this weekend…and on the way down Dave’s (GM) front tyre went flat. So after a detour to get it re-inflated at a garage…we continued onto the M27.Tootling along at about 90mph, cars passing us all the time btw, and we are in the outside lane passing a lane hogger. I notice this silver car coming up quick in my rear view so flash to Dave and pull into the middle lane behind a car. Dave also pulls into the middle lane just in front of the car. This car then moves into the inside lane. At this point the silver car comes flying past me and pulls in front of me…its an unmarked and they tug GM. I carry on to the next exit road and stop at the top of the slip road. A few nice people stop and tell me he’s been pulled over by an unmarked and then bitch about how the Police along there are pulling everyone for doing more than 70mph.

Anyway, 10 mins later, they come up the slip road, followed by GM, and tell me to ride around the corner so they can do me as well…bassass!! :angry:

Dave didn’t realise this and carried on along the M27 to the next junction and waited on the bridge so he could spot me.

3 points and £60 fine each. They clocked GM doing 92.77mph, but as they didn’t have a speed for me they just wacked 92mph down on the form…although they only ever said I was using ‘excessive speeds’.

It was blatently obvious that:

  1. They knew feck all about bikes and hated them.
  2. The passenger was in training.
  3. They had a quota to fill and what better way to inflate the numbers for them than 2 motorbikes.
  4. They obviously have very little to do down there.

Met Police would have given us a bollocking and sent us on our way.

That’s my views of Traffic Police in the South now tainted!! :angry:

Apart from all that…we had a great weekend. :smiley:

Sorry to hear this :crying:

I’m from that way and usually they leave the bikes alone and go for the speed demon cars.


Makes me laugh - its like when you see about 30 of them pulling people in for a “Survey” when all it is is a training excercise for the new recruits.

[devil’s advocate mode on] So, if I’ve got this right, one of you had a dodgy front tyre (OK, so you reinflated it, but why did it go flat in the first place?), you’re doing 20mph+ over the speed limit, you get nicked, and you’re complaining about it?

What would your response be to a post on here saying “a friend of mine was in an accident and a car was doing over 90, and …?”[/devil’s advocate]

its only a crime if you get caught… and you got caught . so take the punishment

no one made you speed, it was your choice,and you took the risk and lost.

OI! We could say the same about riders from the smoke blasting round our counties eh?:wink:

I agree

You do the speed, you got caught, you take the consequences… still not nice, but it is how it happens.

playing in front of a hard crowd today…

sorry to hear about the points mate, hope your rant made you feel a little better.

Went to a Run on Isle of Wight this weekend…and on the way down Dave’s (GM) front tyre went flat. So after a detour to get it re-inflated at a garage…we continued onto the M27. Tootling along at about 90mph,


After re-inflating a tyre that had just gone flat? :w00t: Maybe they did you both a favour;):slight_smile:

ok so they had a recorded speed for your mate, but not you so how can they give you a ticket I thought they had to prove you were speeding…

If only it really was that simple ;):slight_smile:


I was the one that got pulled first - like has been said, I was speeding, I got caught - no complaints

First time in 20 years I’ve been pulled (oo-er), so had a good run.

As for the front tyre, there’s nowt wrong with the tyre or valve - I’ve had them checked and they are fine.

May be a weak spring in the valve core, so centrifugal force does it’s thing, pushes the valve core towards the wheel rim and lets air out.Plastic valve caps don’t seal very well, so new valve core is going in tonight and some decent caps with sealing rings are going on.

And yes, we were tootling along at 90 - let’s face it, that’s just keeping up with traffic on most motorways.Certainly not as fast as I normally ride on the Mway.

Anyway… Jools is just moaning and trying to get out of it.

Won’t work - she got caught, tough tittie :slight_smile:

good on ya mate… lets hope its at least another 20 yrs till the next one …if ever !

I wasn’t peeved off at getting done…yeah its speeding, get caught, get done. Its the way they did it when they booked me and the fact that we were constantly getting passed by cars travelling at a greater speed than us.

In built up areas I will stick to the limit or just below and am happy to do that cos there’s a greater risk. 70mph on a Motorway is all well and good but when you get people sitting in the middle lane doing 69mph the safest and best thing to do is get past them quickly and then pull over to the inside lane and slow to the relevant speed. When they clocked us, we were passing lane hoggers and then pulled over to the inside lane and let the bikes slow to match the speed of the traffic ahead.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m on a Motorway I’ll occasionally glance at the speedo to make sure the needle hasn’t gone past a certain point…I don’t study it to make sure I know my exact speed because I’m concentrating on the road ahead and other road users.

As GM said, we were travelling at the same rate as most other road users and still getting passed by car drivers doing a ton.

My first post was both a lil rant and also a warning to anyone in the area or passing through so you don’t get tugged for the same reason. Speeding is an offence, I agree, but driving with no insurance, MOT or not inaccordance with driving licence is worse…and for the ANPR system to flag up several cars for no insurance while you’re sat there in their car and for them to admit that their force doesn’t have to facilities to cope with that kind of offence is a little bit annoying to say the least.

I always made a point of keeping an eye on my mirrors, anything going remotely close to my speed I relaxed my right arm. One fine sunday morning at 08:20 on the M1 I forgot. 115 mph no traffic. 3 months instant holiday. No complaints, but it is easily done.:ermm:

I’ll change my tune on this one. This is a bit of a *****, I do exactly the same, open it up to get past slower vehicles safely then coast gently to current traffic speed. Thing is that it gets you over the ton to pass people, easy on decent bikes… Pity you cannot fight this one. Not so simple.

Anyone getting done in that situation has my sympathy.

The whole speeding thing is a bit overplayed, to my mind. Sure, urban areas and such, common sense says you need to be able to stop in a hurry. However, on a motorway or good A road, I can’t see the problem with a ton so long as your brain is plugged in. Concentration, anticipation, consideration to others, attention to road conditions, watching what’s going on behind and 800 yards ahead, that makes for safe driving no matter that you’re regularly touching the 100.

I think knobbling people for this kind of thing is just “lazy” enforcement, easy pickings, and pretty meaningless from a road safety perspective.

its unfortunate that not everyone rides like that, and you cant rely on the other road users to be driving/riding in the same manor. many a good rider has been taken out by a muppet on a fast rode thats not concentrating . its an endless debate !

I suppose you could , but this is London bikers.
Lest we forget.