Speedcore with Bert and Ernie

Here’s a nice classic speedcore track with Bert and Ernie:http://www.youtube.com/embed/PRqRdylmdw0

not bad
prefer this one though :w00t:


Thanks so much for posting that! :P:D:D:D:D:D:cool:

this is freaky:

thanks, now I’m proud to be old instead of afraid of it…


Well I thought it was funny as f*ck and I’m not exactly in the first blush of yoof . . :hehe:

Yeah, but you’re travelling 2 valises, three make up bags, a Samsonite, and a small man bag short of the full collection… :hehe:

The rumour that I have been sectioned is a vicious lie. The reason no one ever sees me up at the Ace or BM - is categorically not because I am currently banged up in a Level 1 high security psychiatric wing in Buckinghamshire - ok . . .

Anyway I still think it’s funny . . . :satisfied:

NinjaJunkie (26/06/2011)

I know I started that rumour! :hehe:
To each their own…personally I like Speed Thrash Death Metal…so many beats you can’t actually tell one from another and a beardy dude grunting about Satan and his concerns about the price of a pint of milk… least that’s what it sounds like… :wink:

Toby-1-kenobi (26/06/2011)

If that is the case then it is outrageous that you are out walking the streets as you pose a clear risk to the general public . . .

Toby-1-kenobi (26/06/2011)

not really about price of milk, but had to think of this :w00t: