Speedcam Anywhere allows anyone to submit evidence of drivers speeding


Obviously you couldn’t use this app while driving a car and if a cyclist uses this app while driving their bicycle will they be prosecuted for using a mobile phone while driving?

Not at present. There is no such law. They could be prosecuted for not being in control of a vehicle but there is a very high threshold of proof required to get that to stick.

As far as I understand it, this app only works if the user is static. Even then it is unlikely to work in the UK because we have a history of challenging police recorded speeding by questioning if the officer’s speed gun was correctly calibrated. Expect dozens of such challenges which would probably render this evidence inadmissible for UK purposes.


Unlike people in control of motor vehicles, using a mobile phone whilst riding a pushbike isn’t a specific offence for cyclists.

Seen a couple of times on the way to Bury Hill, old farts with nothing better to do than pointing speed guns at bikers passing through the village - they had a good view of my middle finger.

to be honest, it is all in the opening paragraph

“The developers of a new app that uses AI to estimate the speed of a passing car say they have been forced into anonymity by the vicious response from drivers.”

it is an estimated speed, so I cannot see how this would be able to be used.

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It says
The app cannot lead to drivers receiving speeding tickets. Since Speedcam Anywhere’s algorithm has not been vetted by the Home Office, it is not legally a speed camera, and cannot provide sufficient evidence for a police force to issue a prosecution for speeding, although the broader “dangerous driving” offence may apply if the driving is sufficiently negligent.

If it is dangerous driving a normal video would also show this so it seems the app is a waste of time.

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I might be in the minority here but I sympathise with the people holding cameras up. I doubt anybody actually wants to spend a day with a speed gun, but they dont have another option for the thing that annoys them (being either the speed, or perceived speed though their town). That said, i dont really enjoy speeding through a town either, I’ll save that for the national speed limits.


According to the reviews on Google Play, it either doesn’t work or is a money making scam.
The score for the app is 1.6 the lowest I think I have ever seen.