Speed Triple Stolen - Fitzrovia

My Triumph Speed Triple was stolen between 0930 and 1900 today from Nassau St. W1.

Reg No: LG11AXF

Colour: Black

Lowboy pipe and other bits like brake reservoirs, dinky indicators and bronze handlebars made it a bit different.

Please keep an eye out and if you spot it please dial 101.


Feel for you mate. This is getting worse. Not had this many reports of thefts or attempted thefts in a long while.
Seems a lot of triumphs too. Wonder if there on order

Jeez, sorry to hear this. That’s virtually the same spec as mine :frowning:

Cheers guys. These and GS12s are the favourites according to the insurance co. No CCTV in this area either so others beware if you park around here. Gotta keep on riding though so winter hack here we come as it ain’t worth having something nice if you have to leave it on the street as the scrotes will take it.

Sorry that happened to you Speedy :frowning: Surprising there is no CCTV in a spot in W1.

B*stards sorry to hear about this. What security did you have?

I just found this forum today. 

Mine was stolen from the same place on the 20th Jan. 

See my post. 

Police were useless, i called them within one minute.