Speed Triple 2001 Project

I have been busy hiding in the depths of Welling and carrying out my vocation at a Priest. Now that I have a garage I have been able to procure an older Speed Triple that needs quite a bit of TLC. A series of photo’s may tell a story better than my meagre mutterings. I have changed most bulbs for LED ones, except for indicators. The fuel filter is changed plus new fuel gasket. New plugs and Pipercross Airfilter. Bar risers added, new race lines for front brakes. Oil and filters to be done later on in March/April. New rear subframe to be fitted as there are broken pillion lugs.



Old Speedys are great bikes, but you want to be careful changing to LED bulbs, it puts a bigger strain in the R/R
by not using the generated power the R/R has to dump the unused power & by dumping it means generating heat
Old triumph Sators & R/R are a weak spot that need careful attention


Stator, R/R and solenoid are all very recently replaced. Rear hub bearings also recently greased and checked (by Jason at TriMoto). I’ve been keeping an eye on the charging circuit and it is behaving nicely. The TuneEcu App and bluetooth dongle from Lonetec work very nicely. Cleared all faults and it is playing nicely at the moment. It does need a lot of TLC and I was very fortunate in finding a spotless front fairing cowl and rear seat cowl for very little money. Along with the full subframe and rear fairing complete. In the right colour too! I have another rear seat cowl I am working on.

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That looks lovely

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Still working on the bike! Replaced rear subframe, swingarm, draglinks, droplinks, bushes, bearings and now need to do the exhaust studs and gaskets. Several studs (4 of 6) are badly corroded and need to be arced out, welded, drilled, persuaded, manhandled or screwed (please please please) out. No time at the moment as ministry is full time and I am away on holiday for a while, first one in three years. So come September, I may have a revival post and hope for good weather again!


Update photos say a thousand words… just sayin… :slight_smile:

Some photo’s of the mini overhaul. Changed swingarm, drop/drag links, bushes, shock and seals. Yes, 21 year of Triumph has corrosion issues…


Nice job and lovely bike!

Cheers. I’ve stalled a bit on the project. MOT due next week and it is blowing from the headers rather badly. Needs new studs and gaskets which I have, but I cannot get the old studs out with the tools I have. Need welder etc… might chuck this at local bike mechanics and pay up. They also MOT bikes, so I could leave it with them as a no rush job.

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As the saying goes, “The devil has all the best tools” :wink:

I’ve done a bit more work on the bike. Sorted out the horrible exhaust studs. I am also refitting indicators with new connectors and have fitted a new Throttle cable as well which is a bit longer. This sorts the bar risers issue out as well. Well pleased with how it is all coming along.

Just waiting on the replacement fan (£25 delivered) and will refill with fresh coolant and should all be ready for MOT time.



Wow, those studs were not great! Hope you bathed the new ones in copper slip before you put them in

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Indeed yes, lashings of copper grease and rolled in finger tight. They torque up when exhaust is fitted. Sounds much better now.

Cooperslip wont do much it will just burn off

You canuse titanium studs and brass nuts
Last forever and will t suffer from Galvanic reaction

Copper Slip is fine, for example, Molyslip’s copper slip (branded as Copaslip) has a operating range from -40°C to +1100°C (-35°F to +2000°F)

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New front tyre fitted, fork oil replaced and what a lovely difference. Bike is riding nicely, I’ve done a few gentle miles bimbling about locally. No rush to do a big ride yet, getting my biking sense back into place and my feel on the bike. I have not even done 500 miles on this bike yet and I’ve had it over 18 months! Normally it was at least 500 miles a month. The bike is lovely to ride, so the miles will creep on.