Speed trap Hyde Park Underpass Westbound

Title says it all

Ride safe,


Mini-mo! Thanks fopr that! When will you come to our meetings mate? We don 't bite… Well, some will do … But not me! lol


Will be there on Wednesday walking like John Wayne after Sunday’s efforts

That doesn’t count! I will be in Spain… I want to see your bike mate! Have fun and take care

been caught there before, 67 in a 30


Matt - it was great to meet you on Wed, pity about the occaison, and I was a little distracted by all the shenenagans (no idea how to spell that).

Catch up proper on Wed then, Pilgrim


Hope this clears the spelling issuue for you.

Ya wimp you weren’t trying

72mph through the Euston underpass and all charges dropped

They’ve started doing the Euston underpass early in the morning and late at night again recently.

How the hell did you get the charges dropped Sickpup???! These roads are deceptively fast, it’s all too easy to go bombing through them because it feels like a safe speed for the conditions.

On the understanding that just because someone works for the police doesn’t mean they understand or can be bothered to read up on the law.

Not really willing to go into details as there are police on this forum and this is a HUGE loophole that only works when the police fail to follow due process and you are up for a ban. It’s also surprisingly common.