Speed trap - A3

On my way to loomies this morning just onto the A3, coming through the underpass - traffic officer stood with a radar gun - thankfully he didn’t have it trained on me as I was perhaps a tad over the 40 limit, he gave me a nod as I went past. This was about 0815hrs.
Keep in mind folks .

I presume you mean Tibbett’s Corner underpass heading towards Roehampton lights as you mention a 40 limit. Police have been waiting there for speeding bikers for over ten years. I see then there regularly. They also sometimes park bikes on the roundabout watching for bikes speeding into London.

New to the area so that d be why I ve never seen them before!
Was just giving a heads up.

Yeah, hiding behind the wall of the slip road is a popular spot, they’re occasionally in the layby further down past the footbridge where it becomes a 50 limit.

@monkimark - that’s exactly where he was stood and the traffic car parked on the slip road entrance. He looked to be taking a break when I went past :+1:!

Generally the A3 has multiple spots where they love to camp out…

All the way from Stockwell to where the Tesco is nr Rayne’s Park…