Speed gun trap balckfriars underpass eastbound

Pointing back into the tunnel, they looked disappointed with my lack of pace :slight_smile:

can’t think why, maybe someone had wheelied
just before going into the tunnel off the lights :wink:

Damn rozzers! I hope they didn’t catch any LB’s

… thinking about it … I hope they aren’t LBs! :Whistling:

need to install some of them new radar jammers:) apparently they don’t even give errors anymore, just blank and you get time to slow down switch it off and they get a reading, or if you pass them it just says target too close:) but around £300 not sure… quite a lot of cash.

Pah what is this a drive on tunnels? That underpass west bound used to be great, creep past the camera. Open up for a bit of noise and then back off towards then end. Now you’ll get busted.

oh dear, normally rag it through that tunnel and out the other end up - didn’t see anything on monday though