Speed gun on the Mall

There’s a speed gun trap on the mall, just half way along the st Jame’s. The officer is hiding a little bit behehind one of the lamposts.

Could a member of the blue boyz please clear this up for me… are those handheld speed guns legal now or not…

There was a BIG issue in Kent 1 or 2 years back suggesting that investigations into collars using them wouldn’t stand up in court and they were all withdrawn… has this been resolved? Was it one kind of gun only? Are handheld speedguns back on the “approved tools” list so to speak?

saw that this morning. Watch out if you are heading towards B Palace

you can test the claibration of your speedo see how fast you can go

Parks Police do the Mall,Constitution Hill and The Outer Circle,Regents Park a lot,keep an eye out for them:D

What is the speed limit down the mall ?