Speed Gun on Clapham Road

Facing the direction going towards London, just past Clapham North and before Union Road turning… They’re hiding in a little building entrance…

Be warned or else you could earn the same points I did… great start to the week!!! :frowning:

Unlucky mate, that’s not what you need on a monday morning :frowning:

There seem to have been a few speed traps set up round that way of late, fortunately I go through clapham at about 7am most days (and of course I always ride under the speed limit ocifer)

FFS, that’s just round the corner from me. Why can’t the cops in Stockwell do something useful and move on the winos and street drinkers to somewhere they can get help (in addition to the skunkhead that sings at Stockwell tube)? Getting fed up picking the cans off Tennents Super and Kestrel Gold out of the garden.