every month they have a purge on something and this month it is drink and drugs.

tugged me for doing just over the limit with speed gun and done a breataliser. bloke there is cushdy and providing you have all been good boys and girls you should be fine!

I got done for speeding there a couple of months ago!! Apparantly 1mph short of a ban:w00t:I think they may set a trap there the first week of every month.

lol and i thought i was lucky, out of curiousity - what were you doing? PM me if you prefer!

It was either 49 or 59. I can’t remember, but the copper told me I was pretty close to a ban!I only got the basic 3 points and £40 fine though, so I’m not sure if he was telling fibs just to try and slow me down in the future.

It’s not the most dangerous stretch of road, not exactly a speed trap to help stop accidents! It’s dead straight, there are no pedestrian crossings after the one outside my office and the lights are phased so that you can’t get through both the Moorgate lights and those under the bridge.

Oh well such is life, but I no longer have a nice clean licence:crying: