Speed Detection in Spain!

Think we’ve got it hard over here with the Governments obsession with speed cameras? The Spanish will be getting helicopters to detect speeding soon! Jeez, that’s rough. They can catch you from 1km away!


They claim it’s accurate from an altitude of 1000ft, seems quite low. I would like to think they wouldn’t get clearance to fly that low if it came here.

I hope the Spanish police do stick to the cities for this…the roads in between are awesome

1km, not 100ft mate! Choppers fly over London at about 200ft at times.

MMMM, and as it is a number recognition system it bills you directly. I really must remember to get my bike Spanish registered …

Catalunya has just got 100 plain clothes camera cars, a worry, but my fave routes are around the regional borders where they are seldom seen.

UK plates/Licences can only get fines abroad, not points or bans, it will change, but is quite handy for now.

you’ve got nothing to worry about…the helicopters are too slow compared to your bike

Smiled & a few other will need to reposition their numberplates