speed cams a127 essex

the 2 cams covering what used to be the fortune of war roundabout by mc donalds have been bagged up and are out of use!!! lookes like theyre getting rid at last:D

or they’re upgrading to digital… :slight_smile:

I’d like to believe that the tide is turning against these Orwellian carbuncles :wink: - but I fear that Johnse1 is right.

The scameras are here to stay.

The police were out in Codicote last week, Police van parked in a side road out of sight and three police officers, none wearing hi-viz or any kind of safety equipment, hiding in a bus shelter (we still have the old wooden ones up here :slight_smile: ) pointing a laser gun at vehicles. The bus shelter is 20 yards before the derestriction sign on a straight road leading out of the village ! :w00t::angry:

They also sit next to a pub in an unmarked car with the door open and an officer leaning on the door with a gun in his hand.

They never sit near the school, or at the entrance to the village or even on the high street where there are lots of collisions, because speed isn’t an issue, never has been, it’s idiot drivers not looking, anticipating or possibly even caring, just bad driving.

But hey, what the heck, lets get some cash out of the motorist again and sit at the end of the village where we can get them doing 37mph or so in a 30 as they speed up for the derestriction.