Speed cameras turned off crash stats stay same



And you see the first thing the labour mob say ?

“This data doesn’t show any improvement since the cameras were turned off.”

Wow… Just … wow. Some people shouldn’t be allowed near numbers :frowning: The mentality seems to be
“Oh, but, it didn’t make any measurable difference, but we should keep it anyway, with all the attendant costs that involves.”

When we just had a few of these things on known accident black spots (Farningham Hill on the A20 heading to London, for instance) I thought they were a good idea. Now they are just cynical revenue earners and appear to serve little purpose. Other than making money that is.

Good luck to Swindon, even if they were turned off simply because the Local Tory Government decided they weren’t making a good enough return on their investment.

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“speed causes accidents” at least if you are going to treat the public with contempt and justify these revenue collecting machines, at least get the facts striaght. People not paying attention or driving/riding according to the road conditions causes accidents, not speed.

Address that issue and there would in fact be no need for a speed limit anywhere.