Speed camera's on the A12

I started riding into work again and noticed a 3 or 4 of the speed camera’s on the A12 have gone. Whats the story, they must be being replaced by something?

ps, not been on here forever - sorry if a repost?

Caught me out too as l auto slow down at those spots, ideal route for average speed traps

Which part of A12 do you mean?
They put some new ones up at traffic lights which do red light and speed along the Newbury Park section

The camera by The Valentine Pub West Bound, The East Bound just past the Olympic site (poss?), there are more gone too!

My son informed me yesterday that they had gone
In all my time commuting that route I’ve never seen them flash and I’ve been through them a few times on the wrong side of the limit

The stretch between A102(M) and M11/A406

Probably gonna put average speed ones along there.

Ive had a quick look on tfl website and they have plans to remove the bow flyover in 2016 putting in a roundabout??

On the A40 when they changed to average speed cameras they removed the painted-on signage on the road and replaced it with standard roadside signage on posts. I don’t know the reasoning behind this but it’s probably something to with local Traffic Regulation Orders.

Given that average speed cameras have spread along the A40 and A406 now, I have a sinking feeling that this might be the first move to spreading them to the A12.

Given the new smart traffic light camera’s and the nation-wide ANPR system its just a matter of time before all we get fined for speeding as all our non-bike journeys are being logged.

Yes noticed this too… As we’re just about to move to A12 territory I bloody hope it’s not average speedies, but that would be just our luck. Fingers crossed for front facing cameras!

^ no chance of that, they’ve realised they were missing out on getting lots of money from Bikers

Pfffft :rage:

Maybe… Just maybe they might be replacing them for digital cameras… There is hope??

Bloody hope they don’t go avg. speed

if they do go average speed camera’s thats going to be sad times