Speed cameras on M40

For you to digest the following:


Thanks for the heads up, Claire Benson sounds like someone I’d like to meet, she seems to know a thing or two about safety. Thank god this country has these people looking out for me. Something is wrong when I know pensioners driving all of their lives never getting a ticket now have points on their licence, there is no discretion with speed cameras.

Once at Fox’s Diner (a meet place for Oxfordshire bikers) there was a talk that she hates bikers and will do everything to catch and prosecute for anything more or less substantial. Look at this: http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/yourtown/oxford/3779718.Biker_convicted_over_100_yard_wheelie/

wont bother me as i dont speed. :Whistling:

They’d be better to up the limit to 100mph and stab lane hoggers in the butt with a frozen toblerone before giving them 3 points and a £100 fine for driving in the middle lane cos they’re driving with undue care and attention.

Spokesman Dan Campsall said the signs would cost up to £25,000 each to buy and install.

WTF ??? are they gold plated ?

Its like anything though, if you want it done properly and officially the prices are higher. If they just slap one onto the side of the road and someone gets done speeding they’ll take it to court and the lawyer will get the case thrown out cos the authorities haven’t used the correct sign and had the right people to fit it and it hasn’t passed the red tape.Hhhmmmm…maybe we should all print some off and make em look dodgy and post em on the bridges!! :smiley:

I’m very glad I didn’t join the M40 today London-bound until after enjoying the Stokenchurch Hill - by which time I was in Bucks. :wink:

I was going along the M40 on Monday on or abouts the national speed limit. Handy it was today really.

“From tomorrow, anyone caught speeding on the M40 will face a £60 fine and three penalty points.”

Lmao unlike yesterday, I was on the m40 didnt see any speed cameras tbh. anyone know the whereabouts?

Isn’t Bucks also under the Thames Vally Police jurisdiction? :ermm: I really hope it isn’t.

Thanks for that, the m40 is my daily commute and I normally don’t hang about. Hope they weren’t out yesterday morning…

thanks for the warning
i use the M40 a lot to go up to Liverpool and avoid that hellhole called the M1

Thanks for the heads up. Being an Oxford boy living in London, I regularly use that stretch of road to visit family back home. This isn’t a recent policy because I’ve seen them parked on bridges on and off for a couple of years now - maybe they were just checking to see how much money they’d make if they implemented it officially. IMO the problem stretch isn’t the bit from London to Oxford, it’s the bit from Oxford going towards Birmingham - I regularly hear of accidents around J9-13 - hopefully they’ll be patrolling that bit more often than the London stretch.

With you there Jim … that’s a nice bit of road. I usually use the A40.

The usual place they place the pig pens is on the Three Pigs Bridge, this is the one just before the exit onto the A40 Oxford, going Birmingham way.