Speed cameras - A10 Northbound

I just noticed this morning that the speed camera near Bullsmore Lane junction on the A10 has been Turned Around It’s now catching NORTHBOUND drivers instead:w00t:

ALSO, It looks like a new camera has gone up on A10 NORTHBOUND just before Church Street, Edmonton Lights.

Take it easy out there:cool:

yea they do that once in a blue moon, the amount of ppl they catch out is amazin, but it picks u up on the otherside too, cos wenever i go southbound and its facing north it flashes me at the front ??

Last time it was turned this way (about 6 months ago) it recieved the burning tyre treatment:w00t:

o yes i remember seeing that, how long till it happens again do u reckon? i give it 36 hrs??

Mate,they can only work one way,when they flash you coming towards you it does’nt matter,its just over sensitive.I do the ones in Epping and Woodford all the time .Whatever way the lens is pointing is the way they take pics.