Speed Camera Causes Accidents

This particular one, on the M11 has caused many accidents…

“Before the camera was installed there had only been seven slight injuries in the seven preceding years, for the four years after installation there have been nine slight injuries, five serious injuries and one fatality.”

That’s amazing! Surely they have to get rid of it? It’s in a 50 area… on the M11. Why would you only need to do 50 on a motorway??? One of the times I got done for speeding was on the M11, apparently the limit had come all the way down to 40mph. There were cones and things, but there were still 3 lanes. It seemed silly to me, but what can you do…


Its called a ‘cash cow’

As soon as the motorway flashing signs come on line saying 50 or 40 it automatically triggers the cameras to flash at that speed too…people ignore it as they think the cameras will still be set to 70 Thats also the reason bikes have such good brakes and awesome acceleration

They are a blooming nuisance. If they are to prevent accidents they should put them before a bend not half way into it of just after it so it appears out of nowhere causing people to either jam on their brakes or get caught speeding. It is about time the speed limits were reviewed so they were in line with vehicle technology. I’ve nearly been rear ended loads of times when traffic behind me hasn’t realised there’s a speed camera coming up

i know this camera its there cos the road goes from three lanes to two. u do get plenty off warning if u r looking for them but i know its a pain aswell.i hate the things but when there in the open and not hiding them at least u get a chance but that one is on a bend and people just arnt seeing it early enough