Speed awareness course !!

I recently got caught doing 38 in a 30 zone, firmly believing i was in a 40 zone, you can imagine my suprize (
Knowing this is not a defence, and with the photographic evidence in front of me i bit the bullet, and admitted i was the rider. My cherised clean licence, was to be clean no more :crying:

A week or so later, i recieve a letter, offering me the choice of either 3 points and a 60 quid fine, or 2n half hours in a classroom some time within the next four months, and being charged 72 quid for the pleasure. !
It didnt take me long to ponder the matter, and i was soon logging onto thier web site, to book my course.

There is a certain critierier as to who is offered the course, roughly, you have to be over the age of 30, be caught speeding, and doing no more than 39 mph, in a 30 mph zone.
You can only do this course, once every 3 years. The course is not a test, so you cant fail it, everyone who turns up, passes, failure to turn up and your file is sent back to the police, where you WILL get 3 points and a 60 quid fine. !!

As for the course, there is a morning session, and an afternoon session, roughly about 28 people per class.
There are two people who run the class/workshop, its very relaxed and friendly.
I went to the one just off Old street, EC1, the guy running it is a biker, so when i pulled up on my bike, we got chatting, he even told me to put my bike in the staff car park, as it was safer, and away from them nasty traffic warderns ) I felt a bit like teachers pet )

As i said, the workshop lasts for 2 n half hours, with a break in between for smokes/bathroom/refreshments are free from the drinks machine .
There are a number of desks in the room, all with a computer screen ect, the instructor starts with an explanation of the Gov departments running the workshops, and its aims. He then goes onto explain the dangers of speed, cant say i learnt anything i didnt allready know there )
Next step is a multi choice questionare on the computer, with video clips. At this point you are asked to be totally honest in your awnsers, and are assured that nobodys names are being used against this questionare, and that you are just a number !!
The questionare takes all your overall awnsers, and judges what kind of a driver you are, giving you a print out at the end. I wont bore you with my results, needless to say i quickly hid my report from view )

All in all i can think of better ways of wasting 2n half hours, but would recomend this over 3 points any day )

Hope this will clear up any concerns about doing the speed awareness workshop, here is the link to thier web site https://www.drivetechsas.com/london/

Cheers for the info, hopefully I will never need it but you never know…

my licence is clean, but I am sure I’ll be caught again sooner or later.

I think the speed and age limits you quoted must be wrong as my daughter was offered the same after being logged at 58 in a 50 and she is only 22. That was in Manchester, maybe different in diferent counties.

She opted for the points and £60, silly girl:)

A mate of mine lives out Reading way, she is over 50 and her area is covered by Thames Valley Police where she was doing 37 in a 30, as far as she remembers them saying its a one off chance if she does it again its points.

Ahh cool Busa.

The chap running the workshop led us to believe that only a certain group of people would be eligable. He seemed to come to the conclusion that anyone younger than 30, wouldnt appreciate the course.

After Trisckies post, ive come to the conclusion that the people who lead these courses, dont know sheet )