The arrogance of the twat!


Its a shame, but some people are like that :blink:

Yes that is bad, the law needs change so that people like that and this:



Can face manslaughter or murder charges. “Move becauses I’m not stopping”, a fine and no jail time. Words escape me, but the anger doesn’t it just makes me what to scream.

The law is so often an ass.

Total scum

why am i not surprised :frowning: it’s people like him that make world a sh1tty place

What a total disregard for human life. The cyclist should have been charged with manslaughter as riding into the girl was a deliberate act. I feel for both berieved families; loosing a loved one is devastating and not getting justice must compound their grief.

Wait so this a-hole gets a 3 year jail sentence and a 3 year ban - so basically as soon as he’s out he’ll be back on the roads (thats if he even serves the full sentence - doubtful, bet he’l be out in 2)

This whole thing is a f****** joke!

You see, this is exactly what boils my p!ss with our legal system! I can guarentee there’s not a single one of us who have read this and thought “F**k me! Three years? He’ll be out in 18 months!”. It’s a disgrace that these people are getting away with such soft sentences! I can guarentee that if he was caught embezzling funds from his company, or swindling the tax man, he’d have got double that sentence!

He should be left to rot in a prison cell if you ask me! If you take someones life in such a way, you should have yours taken. Simple as that!

I also think that the judges who hand out these rediculous sentences should be disbarred for imcompetence! Death by dangerous driving carries the same maximum sentence as murder. He could have quite happily have given the guy double or triple what he had without being questioned. The mere fact that he said he “wasn’t bothered if the biker was dead because he didn’t know him”, makes it quite clear that he shows no remorse or feelings towards what he has done. The court system stinks! :angry:

I think that this is something we do agree on RR.

It gets my goat that crimes against property attract such high sentences while crimes against people garner these soft sentences, or worse yet, community service…yeah thanks, put that criminal back into my community, that will help make where I live a better place.

Yet when I complain that the Justice system, which includes the police, is way too focused on business and not enough on serving ordinary people…I get called a troll, not by you admittedly, but you understand the point.

It is interesting that we agree, but only so far as it doesn’t include your job.

You both enforce the same laws, you can’t claim that the court service is somehow broken, that the law is somehow wrong and still claim that the police are immune or separate from that as if you didn’t apply that same law.

I don’t understand how we can all feel the same way about this, yet it appears that I am the only one that can see that this problem goes through our entire justice system from top to toe.

I know some of you find this annoying but unfortunately it is the truth of the matter.

PS… I know you hate the way I answer like above, but it’s easier to understand which parts I’m answering! :smiley:

Hopefully either:

a) he will die in prison - ‘I don’t care, I don’t know him’
b) Bikers in prison will beat him and make him miserable, or refer to ‘a’
c) He gets bummed senseless and then refer to ‘b’, then ‘a’.

Also, his driving ban should start when he exits jail - as that privilege wasn’t removed - it’s no option when inside.


Arh well at least this is good to know.

Boiling pi$$ here too.

What a miserable heap of defecation that old twat is.

Thing is it happened about 3 miles from where I live on a road I know very well so it hits home the risk we run with spunkwads like this driving around with little regard for other people. His family will get to see him after he’s released unlike the rider’s family. I’m still seething about this. He should be made to re-take his test before his licence is reinstated.

I always thought everyone had to retake their test after a ban, is that not the case?

Keep the photo.