Special trackday to learn filtering

What’s this, a special trackday to hone our filtering skillz?

Do they include some people to sit in the cars to randomly open and close doors?


Rushhour racer championship :smiley:


Your Avitar is pisss funnny :smiley:

ariel view of the M25:D

I suspect it is unsold newly manufactured cars stored on a test track.

Giuliano is right… damn mate you spoiled the fun!

I wonder what’s gonna happen to all these cars if nobody buys them? Eventually they will start to rust and become unsellable? Are they going to get auctioned off if the parent company goes bust?

GM is about to fold, does this mean we get new UKP 1000 Astras?

Eventually, perhaps the motorcyclists of the world get to blow them up with high explosives, as reparations for damage done? Now there’s a thought.

Sorry, but the skid pan and no stands was a bit of a give away.

Haha! Very good!

So do you have couriers & pizza deliverymen moonlighting as instructors on how to throw the bike through gaps and mow down peds and cyclists?

Or maybe this the ‘off-road’ part of the new bike test.