Special Constables

To the coppers on the site - how many special constables do you know, is it worthwhile, can it lead anywhere, and is it ‘respected’ amongst the other members of the force.

To your collective knowledges - what’re the roles and rights of a special constable? I’m really thinking about doing it

Would you take some serious doing what you do for free…

I’ve got a mate in the plod… said most specials just wanna have a power trip

I heard that too… the thing is - I’ve almost joined the Army once… narrow escape before I came to my senses, and the police force was a close second… I have my own web development firm - But i don’t always wanna be in this profession - so It’s not a powertrip - though I must confess professional courtesy, the access-all-areas pass and 1-upping the local thugs appeals to me

and plods are not???
I know some of the copper around are good human being looking to help people and sociaty at large but most…

TBH You get power trips in every profession. A lot of people in the army above the rank of Lieutenant I have to remind them that they are not on base

Hambley!! Special constables! Working with no pay. You have got to be really dedicated to do that and I must say I really respect you even considering it

chocfawn, thanks - I appreciate that…

It’s more - it’s not work… is it? From the coppers on here, it’s not a tedious day-today junk like an office job, though I appreciate - it’s not all action.

I guess Trojan and the other coppers will give their opinions, and advice…

Please, everyone - don’t turn this into a cop-bashing thread… they get enough grief… and most of the good people, join the police force - so, people probably do join on a power trip… and I dare say any copper that hasn’t got away with a minor infraction because of their status, or professional courtesy would be lying… but that comes in any profession.

it’s about what you want to make of it what matters.


I dont know enough about it, from those really involved…

No disrespect intended for anyone that might be a ‘Community Support Officer’… but those guys are useless, no powers, no respect, no Cars… no cuffs, no nothing…

Don’t get me wrong… I suppose they think they’re doing something good - but my community has been let down by them too many times.

. thanks for the site link, I think I’ve exhausted the internet’s reading materials

… So I’m looking for some advice from anyone with first hand experience

Well, I filed the paperwork - I’d still like to gte some word from those who know best…

Good for you mate! It takes a lot to do that job for free - but very public spirited…

BTP PCSO’s have cuffs… and their powers are getting increased all the time (I heard they are going to be trained for 70mph vehical stops to assist the motorway patrols).

I have worked with specials, and treated them the same. I have two based in my office, but only see them once every month or two. I have worked with others on big events (nottinghill carnival) and had a great laugh.

They do the same job, and don’t get finiachial reward. They are not treated any different.

Good luck, I hope you get what your looking for.

Before i joined traffic 6 yrs ago i was a general patrol constable at Slough.

I drove Pandas dealt with domestics, assaults, drug mis-use and most of the everyday incidents a Pc deals with.

I regularly worked alongside Specials.

I was also an Officer safety instructor for slough which basically meant i trained officers in the techniques,uses and concepts of the Baton/Handcuffs/tactical communication and unarmed defensive techniques.

The entire Special Constabulary for Slough were all trained and i got to know most of them…

There were a couple of power trip individuals but that type don’t last long…

On a whole they were clearly enjoying themselves and relishing in the role to help…most are permitted to drive pandas BUT NOT to use emergency equipment to stop other vehicles only to use the vehicle to get from A to B…

this is now changing and some are getting powers to stop vehicles for document checks…

they can drive transit vehicle at events and have most powers police do (limited but most of the basic stuff is there)

They don’t recieve financial reward but they do get the same priviledges that regulars do such as use of social bars, canteens, gyms etc and authorised discount from recognised outlets…

Give it a go, if you don’t like it you can leave…TVP have a good bunch…I’m sure the Met are the same.

… also as I understand it - if you’re a special for the met you also get a all london travel card.

Cool… I’m a northern Monkey though so it’d be a small-town police force… we’re about 20 mins from Manchester… so no such Travel Perks here, I really should sort a driving licence… I always fancied driving a Panda


Good luck with it mate but having read you write this “though I must confess professional courtesy, the access-all-areas pass and 1-upping the local thugs appeals to me” …

I really don’t think you’re joining for the right reasons.

If I’ve got you wrong, then go for it and I’d admire you for doing the job as a volunteer (I think you’d be a bit bonkers too but admiration would be the first thought! )

It’s always something my wife and I have considered… but I’m not sure where I’d get the time!

Hey Trojan,

I dunno, maybe you’re right - I feel ‘wronged’ by a lot of local thugs, gangs, bad kids in the local neighborhood - and if any of you remember the thread where I had to stop some drunk killing his gf by throwing her down flight, after flight of stairs… I think in the most part I’m doing it to stop that, I’d rather have put that guy in a pair of cuffs, not a cast…

I think being a copper is a noble profession, in the most part… we know a local copper, that goes climbing, at the place we do - said he’s always being picked up drunk, doing handstands in waterfalls and the likes by his fellow officers… that’s what’ I’m looking for, the “brotherhood” that goes with doing something worthwhile… kinda like we bikers have, but without all the cop bashing.

I think I mentioned it earlier in the thread, but I’m working for my self as a software engineer - and I don’t wanna do this forever - and, I’ve almost joined the Armed forces more than once - I even did phase-1 (basic training) once… that was fun :expressionless:

So, this is a foot in the door, to a proper career, when I decide that locking up the bag guys is more important that peddling porn on the internet, lol

…Maybe i could combine the skill set - and break into proper computer-intelligence work in the police force one day… who knows.

Trojan, feel free not to answer, but have you ever been pulled - or taken aside… for a ‘word’ with a copper… and he’s changed his mind about booking you when he realized you were on the force ?

I got caught doing 120 on the motorway… figured I was in for the big squeeze, but I was running loads of weapons up to Warcop for the TA (proper permits and everything, and the firing mechanisms are transported seperately, as I was only a civilian! (my mum’s an officer with them) but once they realised i was ‘with the ta’ … it all went much smoother!)