speaking of old members

bloody Ginger turned up to BM last night!
I appreciate only older members would make much of a deal about this but he’s doing well, has a kid, lives up in northampton and was down for a visit so dropped in.

No school like the old school

Has he improved at all? (he asked, expecting the answer ‘no’.)

he was a bit less weird than he used to be for sure

Compared to you, not sure how to read that :wink:

Wow !! I last saw him at the street fighters festival a few years ago wearing an ‘interesting’ t shirt :slight_smile: funny I was actually going to go to BM last night also on the way home. Sad to have missed it. Glad he is well.
Also great to bump into Curtis after so long at OMC
I sometimes think of the old long gone members - good there are a few still knocking about here and there. I always remember that first BCR in 2008 on the old bling bling hornet, with Ratty and I bringing up the rear :slight_smile:

I think the only acceptable thread title for this one is “Gingerbread!” :slight_smile:

Old skool

He’s been hanging about at our place a fair bit :slight_smile:

his face is all over facebook lol:laugh:
Glad he is doing ok