Sparrows Fart rideout

Pouty and myself will be heading off on a nice progressive run either to Goodwood or Bognor Regis in the morning if anyone fancies it?

No 125’s sorry.

Have a good one guys, would love to be there but still wrangling with insurance company, loss adjusters and the police re bike theft. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO TAKE SO LOOOOOOOONG!

Sorry to hear that major, one big ball ache ain’t it, hope you get it sorted out soon…

I’m not particularly progressive at the moment but I know the way can I still come? :D:D

Nice run this morning, good to see Suki and Chenner, it’s been too long guys.

Little damp in places but in all a lovely ride to Goodwood.

Yeah was a good blast for sure.

Decided on the A25 on the way back added another half hour to the journey back, I forget how good that road is in bits.

and it sure as hell beats the M25/M26/M20…

Thank you boys a great confidence booster getting out early in the morning without lots of traffic and as always good company at breakfast.

Thanks and hope to see you all again soon

I hope you got a new front tyre fitted today?

I’m still looking for a tyre place that will fit the wheel properly and look after me but will definately get one on before the weekend.

:w00t: Get it sorted ASAP Suki, i wouldn’t be happy riding with that front tyre thats for sure.

The last place I used also did the brake pads for me and didn’t fit the screw back properly. I lost the rear brake on the French motorway at speed need somewhere I can trust!