Sparky @ Luton Hein Gericke

As the title says Sparky will be at Luton Hein Gericke this Saturday 16th October with the wheelie machine from 10am. The event is to raise money for Deaf Bikers UK…

Hope to see some of you guys up there :slight_smile:

Wish i could be but stuck here for another month yet

might pop along, just up the road from me

Ally - do you know what time this event is due to end (or when Sparky is due to finish)?

I have been told 4 but i can double check :slight_smile: Will get back to you on that…

Good News!!! Sparky the stunt rider - the drift king (Sparky Stunts) will be at Hein Gericke Luton with his wheelie machine. Pop down, meet Sparky and have a go on the wheelie machine. The Deaf Bikers Association will also be in attendence!

thats all it says on the Email I got from them…might take a trip to see what going on :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Wish i had taken the chance for a shot on this machine last time i saw it at the ace, looks quality! :slight_smile:

PLEASE could someone take some pics if possible and we’ll run a little news story about it. I’m away in Lake District :-s

^^^ Best get the camera out Ally :stuck_out_tongue:

PM sent :slight_smile:

The day went really well! We have pictures and will post them as soon as i can :slight_smile: