Spares For An Oxford Optimiser

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a spare fused connecting lead for an Optimiser?

I’ve just went out to plug the Optimiser into the bike and remembered that I left the lead connected to my last bike when I traded it in :crazy:

I’ve got mine hard wired like you used too. I’ve still got the croc clips though if you want to give those a go till you get a replacement.

Thanks for the offer mate, I’ve still got the crocodile clip lead, so I’ve just used that for now. It’s just that I’m too lazy to take the seat off every time I need to use the Optimiser :smiley:

Contact your local Oxford Dealer who will be able to order it for ya!

Just google (is my friend lol) and either find somewhere close who stocks them or order it online. I bought a handful at one of the bike shows so all the bikes had them on, they cost £3.99 then… probably gone up a bit now though.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll give them a try now :slight_smile:

hein gerick do the bits i think

Yeah Hein and Gericke do so do Infinity methinks :wink: