Spare parts for a Shoei Raid II helmet

Does anyone know anywhere in London or Kent that sells spare parts for Shoei helmets, specifically the base plates and securing bolts for the CX1-V visor system…please…

For some reason my current visor just doesn’t fit properly and when I’ve tried adjusting it the plastic bolts have had the screw head bit damaged…Whenever it rains, I get water on the inside of my visor

any shop that sell Shoei lids should be able to order the parts you need in. I know Rex Judd in West Hampstead do as they’ve ordered stuff for me :slight_smile: 020 7328 7659

The Raid II was my previous helmet, and I had to replace the visor. Never ever managed to get it is seal correctly again. would it is sorted at the top but the wind would whistle through the bottom. Get the bottom seal and the side would be out.

Very frustrating never did get it sorted. Hope you do.

Thanks I’ll give Rex Judd a bell. I’ve been into a couple of bike shops, and got responses ranging from a completely blank stare and silence (to be fair it might have been the work experience boy I was talking to, he looked about 12) to a concerted effort to make me buy a new XR1000…

I’ve also tried a few places on line, but with no luck (except for the Shoei site in the US but it seems a bit mad to spend $5.99 on bits and then shed loads more for the shipping)

I’ve had problems with the visor on it ever since I got it, however as I got it very very cheap I couldn’t really go back to the supplier and complain. I think that I may have to go and buy a new lid:D