Spare a thought

200K car - mechanical fault 20mins after being bought, crashed in to and written off. Nice easy insurance claim :joy:.

Should have bought a Toyota

The US JD Power survey is out and for the first time it does include Tesla:

Not looking good.

You might think so, but if he hasn’t bought Gap Insurance he could be facing a hit (no pun intended).

Sorry I was being sarcastic :sunglasses:

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No doubt they will ask an engineer to inspect and check what the fault was. When they find that would cost 100k to repair they will use that to determine pre accident value. :wink:

This reminds me of that guy years ago who bought a Ferrari got something like 100 metres down the road hit a pot hole and it ripped the wheel off.

Is he not covered by the dealer’s warranty and able to now reject the car

Tesla have 250 problems per 100 cars? If that was Toyota people would be shot or fall on their swords.

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It’s not an entirely fair comparison and not indicative of the customer experience. Those numbers taken on face value sound bad but actually don’t have much negative consequence for the brand.


  • Tesla is a very new company compared to the competition, designing everything from scratch, so they’re going to have teething issues
  • The issues in that report relate to their brand new model Y released during the pandemic, there’s going to be many more build related issues than an established car and more so due to a need to covid impacting the workforce
  • They fix issues straight away, no cost, no complaint, most times coming to your house to fix issues so you’re not impacted
  • Their customers love their cars all the same
  • Their customers love the brand all the same
  • Their cars get better with each software update so teething issues are quickly forgotten
  • Many more ownership positives that rapidly outweigh any teething issues

Yeah I’m not sure I’m convinced by Dodge being the most reliable either. I suspect it’s down to what you expect from a car you buy. If you’ve spent a big wad of cash on a brand new Tesla then you’re likely to report every single little issue. If you’ve bought a cheap Dodge, chances are you won’t report smaller niggles because, well, you get what you pay for. That would massively screw the numbers. That being said there have been major issues with the fit and finish of Tesla cars for a few years now, but from that to being the least reliable? I’m not convinced.

yup, my boss has had a Telsa for a few years, to my knowledge he has never had any issues. and as @Jay says, when it needs work doing, they just turn up at his house at not extra cost.

Try getting that kind of service out of someone like Dodge.

I remember years ago when a brand new motorbike after 2wks the gearbox locked up! the company wanted to charge me £125 to collect it, was only when I got a solicitor involved they very quickly back tracked!!