Spank the Booty

Ive managed a 367mph spanking. Come on lets spank that booty!

Need I say anymore!!!


Wow! Your a booty spanker if ever there was one. U can spank with the best of em’

Ok…now the return spankin’…

Good Luck in the Quest to raise some skin!!!

Just so you know I didnt just click on this thread because from the main forum page it had “Spank the Booty” and then “post by Foxy” I thought it might have been an informative bike related post!

got 421mph… Need some more training!

I got a 621mph!! I’ll post the piccy later

713!! ouch!


I think you is fibbing Floyd… Just be honest with yourself and us (your friends)!!! I only looked because it said SPANK and BOOTY!!!

Oh and Ben… Remind me to stay away from that hand of yours!!! DAMN!!!

Ben has the master-technique, he has spent many an hour perfecting the wrist-action required

****! I GAVE IT UP MATE! ill try the gentle way of love! lol

I had another go and did worse then before!!! Whats wrong??

I’m waiting for Jason’s post…

576mph w*ank errr i meen spank…