Spanish Off Road 2 Day Motorcycling Tours - Trailworld

Does anyone have any experience of these guys? I’ve seen this thread about off roading in Andalucia, but with a different company and just wondered if anyone has experience with Trailworld over there?

The reason I’m asking, I have the opportunity to do some bike events/trips through work at a very cheap rate (around half price) and this one’s on the agenda for October.

Now, I did green laning and didn’t last 10 minutes. I do really like the idea of this as a small trip, taking some great pics and such, but I would be worried I would have similar issues to what I had before (see the last link, but mainly about very poor equipment) so wondered if anyone had any tips?

I know someone who went and loved it. Can put you in touch with him if you want.

i know a few people that have gone with them and loved it i was going to go this year with a group but you need a full unrestricted licence =]