spanish nutters

ohh man how much fun are these guys having?

best vid on youtube. frightfully awesome riding…they make it look like the tarmac doesn’t hurt…it does lol

some of them are really skilled, power slides are uber cool :slight_smile:

That was brilliant.

lol wicked, loved the push bike knee down:):):slight_smile:

nutters! :smiley:
one guy nearly had his balls run over :w00t:

came across this a while ago, absolute fruitcakes!!:smiley: good fun by teh looks of it!:w00t:

:w00t: Brilliant :smiley:

Thay missed Kevin’s briefing then!

pete thats a very in joke lol funny though

That’s brilliant, very skilled riding but absolute nutters all the same!! :smiley:

I can’t even get one knee down let alone with three up!! :w00t:

Who says you need the latest machinery to have fun?:smiley:

Brilliant stuff.

The 2up knee down stuff is how I imagine Elad/Mel got home on Tuesday;):smiley:



is it me or does the guy in that pic have a very very small head?

I used to work with a guy like that, we called him peanut head!! lol :smiley:

Thanks, I’m not wasted here after all.