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Hi Nuts,

This is an friendly notification to inform you that f4me00 has sent you
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From: f4me00
Email: [email protected]

[email protected] +225 09383061
From Favour
Abidjan-Cote D’ Ivoire
Amina-Guest -Hotel
please write me from my personal email at ([email protected]) or you
call me at this telephone number +225 09383061

Dear lovely one,

Permit me to inform you about my desire to seek for assistant from you,
and i got the believe that you are going to help me out successfully.
but firstly about myself.
I am a 22 going to 23 years old lady now and my name is Favour Dumas i
was born on 15 Jun the family of Late Chief Joseph Dumas who
based in ACCRA and ABIDJAN respectively, and I am there only
child.well when i was a kid i went to a private schools and things were going
on well for me and my parents till when i was in high school when my
mother died, My father took me so special because i am motherless. and
he shower all his love on me and promised me that he will never have
another woman because he did not want me for any problem.but finaly my
lovely father got dead last two years,but before the death of my
father on the 12th febuary 2005, he called me in a private hospital here
blah, blah… you get the idea.

Can we disable the emial option?

“May Almighty God bless you as you do care for me Amen.”

Amen bruda

You sure it’s not your charm and smooth one liners that caused this to be sent?

We’ll deal with this dude!

shmooooth one liners… not me mate

‘my name is Favour Dumas’

Favour Dumb-arse… are they taking the George Michael?

lol, what a brilliant name

Bah… I thought I was her “Lovely One”…

I got it too.