Spam gets creative

Eric N’Kwombe has stopped emailing me I’m saddened to announce.

HOWEVER, “Mrs Nadine H McQuigg” stopped by to say sorry Eric wouldn’t be in touch, but in the mean time how would I like some Herbal Viagra/A New Rolex/some more money!

Hi Mrs McQuigg… that’s a grand name you’ve got there… made up by any chance? :doze:

Maybe it’s sounds better in a Nigerian accent…!?!



I’ve just had the following charming PM sent, interesting that she likes girls!

"Hello Dear,
How are you today?I wish you a happy new day to you!
my Name is miss Hanifah. i saw your profile on the website,
I am a female,single never been married , i have no kids i am looking for a good and kind foreign partner that i can trust in my life.
please If you are interested in knowing more about me in this relationship you can send me an email at ([email protected]).i will be waiting to hear from you With love.
your Hanifah "