Spain & Portugal in April?

Thinking for doing a 7-10 day tour in Spain & Portugal in early April.

I assume the best way to get there is the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander or Bilbao?
Any must see towns/roads?

I took the ferry from Santander to Plymouth once.  It was very choppy, and was sick three times.  Fortunately, I managed to sleep for 12 hours though, it’s a 24 hour ferry.  I was later told that it’s always like that on that crossing, but not sure how accurate that is.

It better not be rough, I’ve got mine booked already.

I’ve done Spain in April, landed in Santander.
Still snowing in the mountains and 10 days of solid rain down south.

Suggestion is do it in May or June.

Oh and I spent the entire 24h crossing with sickness pills in the cabin. :smiley:

Cabin? Luxury. Wished I’d had a cabin.

Doing Spain in June. Ferry from Portsmouth to le Havre then 2 days riding down via the Millau bridge and over the Pyrenees. The ride is part of my holiday. I always ride to my destination in Europe, last year it was Sicily by the way of Corsica and Sardinia. I would say that you will be missing some stunning countryside.

I´m very tired today, but I´ll give you a little must see in Spain tomorrow