Spain anyone?

Some friends are trying to organise a week and the more the merrier, so does anyone fancy it!? :slight_smile:

Their email:

Wife and myself are in the early stages of planning a Spanish Biking Holiday.

Plans so far.

  1. Fly to Spain on budget airline (Think its going to be Valencia)
  2. Then hire bikes for the week.
  3. We are looking into hiring a Villa on maybe going from place to place.
  4. Going sometime in July (Dates to Follow)

We have spent the last week looking through the internet pricing bikes. The best company we have come up with is BMW as they have the best prices and packages.

We have also looked at Italy but the hire companies do not offer fully comp insurance as hire motorcycles are not covered fully comp in Italy.

We have decided to fly down instead of riding down as you lose too much time getting to Spain.
And once you way the cost of new tyres, fuel, Tolls, Ferries, wear and tear the hire of the bike is not that bad.

Plus BMW offer a complete breakdown and recovery package with the bike hire and luggage.

So in a nut shell fly to spain and a few hours after leaving the UK we can pick up our bikes and start the holiday.

The cost ???

The bike range from a BMW 650gs all the way up to R1200RT

We have also been looking at the following site to get good routes.

So if you are interested in tagging along please let us know.

Ryan air can fly to Valencia early July for £19.99 each way plus taxes makes the flight about £75 return.

Also had a mail back from IMT Bike (Rental Spain)they are suggesting if we want to rent bikes then we should book at the latest April 2008.
They do also offer organised tours but they work out very expensive. but if you want to have a look

A 30% deposit is required for the bike hire and the balance to be paid 30 days prior to the rental starting.

We have been looking at campsites where a bungalow can be rented in the coastal area south of Valencia - this is my favourite at the moment as it’s only 500m from the beach and has a swimming pool on site
A bungalow for 2 people is just under £200 for the week, we are thinking about using this as a base and riding out in the nearby countryside every day.

Check out the area on Google Earth, there are some amazing roads visiting incredible countryside, villages and lakes.

Rough Costings

This is based on 2 people

Flights to Valencia £125 for 2
Bikes £800 for 2
Bungalow £200 for 2

So it is not as expensive as I thought it would be, the price of a week for 2 in some dodgy hotel on the Costa.

The main thing is booking the flights as the price will rise closer to the time.

Too near the TT and our france tour :wink:

Rode to Spain last year and had a ball on the way there and back :slight_smile:

Hope it goes well :cool: