Has anyone had any Spada kit? It looks good in the picture and is incredibly well priced, in fact so well priced it makes me nervous that it is made badly.

I’ve got some Spada textile trousers and I’m very pleased with them. I did ship a little bit of water in the crotch area this morning (outside to in BTW:)) but it was only a bit and after all it was chucking it down for the whole journey so it’s only to be expected (and nothing like the puddle you will be sitting in wearing basic over-trousers). They are very comfortable and are particularly good in cold weather. Quite a lot of protection in the knees and hips though fortunately I’m yet to do a tarmac test!

Had two pairs of their gloves, they`ve seen me through 24,000 miles over two years and the waterproof ones still do what they say.

I have a Spada jacket (not the one I destroyed on Sauturday) never had any problems with it. Only downside to the one I have is that the thermal lining is non-removable, which can get VERY warm :w00t:

Have the Carbo race gloves and they survived a tarmac crash with very little damage. Very comfortable as well…